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Complete playlist of audio interviews about The Actual Star (including with John Scalzi, Helene Wecker, Stephen Prothero, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Columbia University: In the Margins). 

Conversation with Kim Stanley Robinson on The Actual Star.

Interview with Eliot Peper on The Actual Star.


A conversation with John Scalzi on The Actual Star, hosted by Regulator Bookshop in Durham, NC.

A conversation with Helene Wecker on The Actual Star, hosted by Midtown Scholar in Harrisburg, PA.

Interview with Jonathan Thornton at Fantasy Hive on The Actual Star.

Interview with technology executive Hal Stern on The Actual Star.


The Voice of the People with Tie Jones and Marc Lee.

AirSpace: An Airspace Odyssey with the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Flash Forward Podcast: Federal Project Two with Rose Eveleth.

Twenty Questions with Ashley Salas of The English Aggie.


Interview with Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction about my short story "Alexandria."

Interview with Patreon as Creator of the Week.


Interview by Julia Collins on growing up wanting to be a writer, on Girls Like You and Me.


Interview on NPR by Arun Rath on gender bias in science fiction versus literary fiction.

Profile by Lydia Kiesling in The Guardian.

Interview by Jeff VanderMeer in Electric Literature.

Podcast with Jenny Colvin on Reading Envy.

Interview by Christina Tesoro in The Rumpus.

Interview with Kathaleen E. Amende in North Carolina Literary Review on storytelling and violence in The Girl in the Road.

Interview by Craig Laurence Gidney in Washington Independent Review of Books.

"Pop Culture is Boring as Fuck": Interview by Noah Berlatsky in Playboy.


Interview by Natalie Zutter for Bookish.

The Stake Reading Club interview on The Girl in the Road, Part I and Part II.

Interview with Frank Stasio on WUNC's The State of Things on my play Tarantino's Yellow Speedo.

Interview by Kristin Centorcelli on The Girl in the Road in My Bookish Ways.

"Let the Strangeness In": mutual interview with transrealist writer Rudy Rucker.

Interview on The Girl in the Road by The Qwillery.


Cover story profile by Byron Woods in IndyWeek

Interview with Works by Women on What Every Girl Should Know.

Interview with Amy Clare Tasker on gender parity in theatre.

Mutual interview with fellow playwright Lauren Ferebee in New York Theatre Review.  


Interview with Frank Stasio on WUNC's The State of Things about Margaret Sanger and my play What Every Girl Should Know.




Interview on The State of Things with Frank Stasio on grad school, cockroaches, and my play Nightwork

Interview by fellow playwright Adam Szymkowicz. 

Early career profile of my work by Byron Woods in IndyWeek. 


Profile in Med City News on Nightwork.



Interview for Shimmer Magazine on my short story "Five Letters from New Laverne."


Interview by T. J. McIntyre in Fantasy Magazine on my short story "Nine Bodies of Water."

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