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Tarantino's Yellow Speedo    

A select group of Olympic athletes form an underground cult to destroy the nation state through the new art of sexual diplomacy. Their latest recruits: a just-married pair of American trap shooters. World premiere at Manbites Dog Theater, 2014. (A lecture on polyamory by Arturo Tarantino can be found here.) Trailer by Nick Karner.

What Every Girl Should Know


Scripts and licensing available via Dramatists Play Service. In 1914, four young women in a New York reformatory adopt birth control activist Margaret Sanger as their secret patron saint. World premiere at Cordoba Center for the Arts, 2012. Further productions in New York City, Washington D.C., Berkeley, Boston, Houston, and others. Trailer by Meredith Sause.


Five graduate students are stuck in the lab on a freezing night in January, all with urgent projects due in the morning----when one of them commits an act of unspeakable violence on a laboratory mouse. Their sanity begins to unravel. World premiere at Manbites Dog Theater, 2011. Photo by Jay O'Berski.

The Pentaeon

On their way to a fall retreat, the MIT astrophysics department is waylaid by a hurricane. Cut off from the world, they tell each other stories about how the universe will end. Based on The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio. Staged reading with Fox Valley Repertory, 2012.

The Memory Palace


A blind housewife greets unexpected guests that may or may not mean her harm, and leads them on a tour of her mansion. Inspired by a true story. A site-specific piece created with artists in residence at the Elsewhere Collaborative, 2011.

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