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As Ursula K. Le Guin said, "Art is work."


And artists need to be paid for that work.


But as corporate mergers make it harder and harder for artists to survive, I've chosen to source a living wage from a community of individuals who value creative and intellectual freedom. They pay a set amount, monthly or annually, so that I can always meet my basic needs. In exchange, they receive process diaries, behind-the-scenes updates, and early access to new work. Since 2016, my patrons have funded the creation of dozens of projects, large and small, including my TED Talk, my illuminated book The Melleray Alphabet, and my award-winning novel The Actual Star

If you'd like to support my ongoing work, there are now three ways to do that, linked below. (There are three options because different people prefer different platforms, for ethical or practical reasons.) The content is the same on every platform----all supporters get all content via email. The more you pledge, the more you're subsidizing equal access for those with less means. 

If you'd rather just make a one-time donation, I welcome that too! You can do that on PayPalCashApp, or Venmo, or Fractured Atlas (tax-deductible).

Thank you.

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