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The Actual Star Community Fund

This is a page where folks can donate gift copies of The Actual Star for those who can’t afford it, and for those who can't afford it to request gift copies. Thank you so much to Letters Bookshop in Durham for being my partner in this!


I wanted to set this up for two reasons: one, because there were many times during the writing of this book when I wouldn't have been able to afford a new hardcover, and wished funds like this had been available; and second, because The Actual Star describes a far future that arises from the most disenfranchised people on earth. I want the book to be accessible to all.

If you’d like to DONATE a gift copy of The Actual Star, fill out this form. You can donate any amount!----but $30 will cover all expenses for one hardcover, and $25 for one paperback. Put "The Actual Star" in both the first/last name fields, and your own email, and the Letters staff will know what to do with it. U.S. billing addresses only for now, unfortunately!

If you’d like to RECEIVE a gift copy of The Actual Star, fill out this form. We now offer both hardcovers and paperbacks, but are still doing U.S. shipping only, and limit one per requestor. Happy reading!

E-books and audiobooks are more complicated to gift anonymously. But I know folks need them for accessibility, or because they're outside the U.S., or just prefer them. So if you'd like to donate or request an ebook or audiobook, give me a shout at and we'll figure it out. And in the meantime, if anyone knows an efficient way to donate and distribute e-book and audiobook funds through an indie bookstore, I'm all ears. 


Finally, THANK YOU, to all donors and all requesters! This is how we create a better world in whatever little pockets we can! 


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